Okay, this would be a lengthy one. So we went out of the Toycon for a while to eat lunch since we were all (Me, Paoleth and Ghess) starving and then as we were walking, I stopped on my tracks and saw a mini dalek. Of course, I pointed it out to them and I know this is stupid but when I look up, I saw Tenth and I was just flabbergasted. So all of us, but mostly Ghess and I, ran like there’s no tomorrow. And then when reached them, completely beaming, I said “Hey Doc, can we take a picture?” And from there, I was freaking the hell out, I can’t calm down!

Doctor Who cosplayers here?! I can’t believe my luck! And they are so nice and their Rose is fucking perfect and is a perfect epitome of her. She got the poses, mannerisms and everything. Nine and Tenth were keeping their cool. But Nine, is just fucking beaming throughout. I regret now completely that I didn’t have a picture with Nine. 

Oh and afterwards, as we said our goodbyes and we were about to leave, I realized I haven’t given them one of my Vote Saxon fliers. I said this to them and they just pushed me backwards! I was being to keen so it was just all unbearable that I reached a point were I almost broken my nose since while they were pushing me, I bumped into a man’s shoulder. I was completely shaking when I give it to them and I said this stupid line, “Oh and Harry wanted me to give you this.” like I’m his campaign manager or something. They happily accepted it and I took a picture, but because I’m a fucking idiot, I forgot to tune the ISO of my camera down. But Ghess (turretopera) will tune it out, hopefully. 

And this is the highlight of my Toycon experience, other than meeting two Lokis. Hopefully, I’ll meet more Doctor Who cosplayers on different cons next time.

ps. Pardon my derpy face. I will tell you this, I was completely and utterly fangirling way too hard. harder than Ghess.

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